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Neuroscience Researcher at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Previous Research Experience


Georgia State University, USA

Laboratory of Dr. Paul Katz at Neuroscience Institute 


(2 years)

Thesis Project: A comparative analysis of acetylcholine and its receptor subunits in

six sea slug species with different swimming behaviors.

Georgia State University, USA

Computational Neuroscience Project

Jan–May 2015

Project: Modeling bursting activity in Dendronotus iris Central Nervous System

(CNS) using MATLAB, Spike 2, and differential equations.

Bogazici University Visual Neuroscience Group, Turkey

Laboratory of Dr. Inci Ayhan

Apr–Jun 2014

Project: Understanding the effect of attention and visual adaptation on time

perception using MATLAB’s Psychophysics Toolbox.

University of California Riverside, USA

Bioinformatics Core, Laboratory of Dr. Thomas Girke

Jul–Sep 2012

Project: Identification of differentially expressed genes involved in tomato and

potato late blight disease using R, Linux, and several other bioinformatics tools.

Bilkent University Cyberpark, Turkey

AG Bioinformatics

Jan&Feb 2012

Project: Gene alignment algorithms applied to Next Generation Sequencing data

using MATLAB’s Bioinformatics Toolbox, C, and Regular Expressions with Perl.